As a member of the viaSport Regional Alliance, PacificSport Fraser Valley supports provincial and local sport organizations, municipalities, and educational institutes in their efforts to increase grass-roots sport participation and physical literacy throughout the Fraser Valley region. Working in support of our regional sport partners, PacificSport Fraser Valley is working to create a stronger sport system, serving all communities from White Rock to Hope.

XploreSportZ is a fun, high energy, and activity filled program that encourages children ages 8 – 12 to explore a variety of sports, with an emphasis on non traditional and adaptive opportunities, where all sessions are taught by certified coaches in a relaxed, supportive environment. Led by experienced PacificSport Fraser Valley staff, this program also provides the opportunity to develop physical literacy through fundamental movement skill-based games in a fun and inclusive setting!

We are currently seeking enthusiastic and committed coaches to join our XploreSportZ Coaching team for our summer camps, multi-sport, and afterschool programs!

Additionally, we are seeking two program coordinators to join our team for 12 weeks this summer to coordinate and deliver our XploreSportZ Camps.

XploreSportZ Coach Job Description
XploreSportZ Program Coordinator Job Description