Backing our best

As a partner of the Canadian Sport Institute, we are part of a network of regional centres across the province that is creating a stronger system for the development of athletes, coaches, integrated support teams, and sport performance facilities.

Targeted Fraser Valley athletes competing in sports with high performance pathways are eligible to receive support services through our centre and to access benefits through our partners.

We support athletes nominated by their governing sport bodies at the Provincial and Canadian Development levels, all the way up to the Canadian Elite and Podium levels (Olympic contenders).

Providing athletes with every advantage

High performance sport pathways can be expensive, and many local athletes do not have access to the finances, facilities, practitioners, or resources they need to reach their performance goals. It is our belief that with the right supports in place, our athletes will reach the ultimate goal of winning medals for Canada.

Through partnerships we establish with leading local businesses, training facilities, and medical/paramedical practitioners, we minimize barriers for our athletes so that they have every advantage to perform at their best. By reducing costs or providing complimentary services to our athletes, our partners make a huge difference for athletes along their sport journey.

Strength & Conditioning Services

Athlete Development Programs