Strength and Conditioning

Strength training improves sport performance. Athletes need well planned strength programs so fitness gains line up with big competitions. It’s important for athletes to work with trainers who know how to train athletes and work alongside coaches!

Let us write a well-designed program for you and show you how to do the prescribed exercises. Or, schedule regular sessions with us to help you stay on track. Movement and fitness testing help us learn more about your abilities, so we can better help you improve on your weaknesses.

Our Sport Performance Coordinator is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS-NSCA) and can help athletes and coaches optimize their sport performances through these services:

Service Rate
Writing Strength & Conditioning Programs $40/hour of writing time
Individual Coaching $50/hour
Team Coaching $80/hour
Testing $100/hour
Athlete Development Programs Depends on Program


*Facility and mileage fees may be added, depending on circumstance



Canadian Development, Canadian Elite & Podium Level Athletes 50% discount
Provincial Development level athletes 25% discount
Athlete Development Program 10% discount
PacificSport Coaches 25% off team services
Provincial Sport Organizations 25% off team services


Key features:

  • Tailored programs are created to align with sport goals and schedules
  • Programs are periodized, so training differs depending on the sport season to optimize performance
  • Testing options:
    • Functional Movement Screening
    • Sport Readiness Assessment
    • Tailored Fitness Tests
  • Fitness Test protocols depend on the sport and training goals
  • Regular fitness testing monitors the effectiveness of training programs
  • Movement testing can reduce risk of injuries by finding areas of weakness to be improved

Please contact our Sport Performance Coordinator for more information, or to get started.

Watch 2016 Olympian Shallon Olsen during a Strength & Conditioning session