Headstartpro blends performance-enhancing sports psychology with proven injury-prevention techniques. Our coaching workshops and athlete resources give teams the tools to improve focus, awareness, and mindfulness.

In the Headstartpro 4hr Workshop, you will learn the concepts, techniques, and tools needed to give your team a competitive edge. Whether you are coaching a national team, local team, or looking to enhance your own skills, these concepts can be applied to anyone at any time.

Learning Outcomes:

  • State-to-Error Pattern: Understanding how performance errors and injuries occur
  • Types of errors: Static, Dynamic, and Injuries
  • Critical Error Reduction Techniques (CERTs): How to prevent the errors from happening in the first place
  • Using the CERTs to improve performance: Awareness, Mindfulness, and Focus
  • Coaching Tools: Pre-performance routines, Rate-Your-State, Anticipating Error, Visualization, Checklist's & Double-check, HeadStart Stories

The Coaching Association of Canada recognizes HeadStartPro as an education provider. You will receive three professional development credits on your Coach.ca Locker transcript using the self-report function.

Following the workshop, you will be able to have your athletes receive the very same training through Headstartpro's online athlete course or by bringing in a certified facilitator to run team training sessions. The athlete course is to help build team cohesion and benefits each athlete as they directly learn the process to achieve peak performance more reliably.

For more info please visit www.headstartpro.com or contact Cameron Smith at cam.s@headstartpro.com or 250-351-5949.