What is MOVE to Learn?

Research continues to prove that children who move are happy, healthy, and ready to learn. MOVE to Learn aims to create a culture of movement and active living in the school community. Through programs, workshops, resources, and mentorship opportunities, MOVE to Learn is a provincewide initiative that creates an environment for teachers - and schools - to confidently increase movement opportunities in children's everyday learning environment.

MOVE to Learn sees an increase in:

  • Children using movement as a tool to self-regulate
  • Schools working cohesively to promote movement and physical literacy
  • Teachers integrating movement in the classroom and gym as an aide to learning with increased comfort and confidence

MOVE to Learn helps children be their best in class, learn the benefits of moving and support their path to being active for life.


  • To support students' physical and mental well-being through movement opportunities
  • To use movement as a tool for learning, self-regulation, and support the core competencies
  • To provide professional development opportunities and support for educators so they can confidently increase movement opportunities in a range of environments
  • To facilitate a network of sharing and celebrating best practices amongst teachers and schools

MOVE to Learn supports movement opportunities in a range of environments, including the classroom, gym, and hallways. Each MOVE to Learn initiative has options of programs, workshops, resources, and mentorship available. What this looks like at each school, however, may differ based on the school's unique environment and needs.

Schools have the option of choosing initiatives that are best suited for them. Some schools may choose to focus on Movement in the Classroom while others choose to focus on Movement in the Halls. Other components that may vary include:

  • Number of initiatives
  • Components within each initiative
  • Pace of implementation
  • Number of classrooms involved

MOVE to Learn Core Initiatives

The Core Components of MOVE to Learn are present in all MOVE to Learn schools. These Core Components are:

  • Movement in the Classroom - supports student learning through movement boosts, cross-curricular activities, and self-regulation
  • Movement Ambassadors - teacher/support staff/youth worker that helps guide and support MOVE to Learn at their school
  • Regional support - viaSport and sport centres that are part of the viaSport Regional Alliance (like PacificSport Fraser Valley) will support MOVE to Learn Schools in implementing programs, workshops, and resources throughout the school year, and will work with Movement Ambassadors to identify school priorities, develop an implementation plan, and provide implementation support.