MOVE to Play’s goal is to increase quality physical literacy and sport opportunities in every BC community. It is composed of both a framework to guide recreation and community centres through program development, training pathways, mentorship, and accountability as well as a training to support leaders in program development and delivery.

MOVE to Play Framework

The MOVE to Play Framework is an evidence-based resource to guide recreation and community programmers and leaders to develop quality physical literacy programs under four key areas: programming, training pathways, mentorship and program accountability.

MOVE to Play Training (3 Hours)

This interactive training offers recreation and sport leaders an opportunity to learn about both the theory and application of physical literacy. Leaders spend the majority of the course learning how to purposefully plan and deliver fun, inclusive, sport, and active-based programs. Leaders are introduced to various activities and variations on how the activities can be adapted for all users. Leaders will take away ready-to-use activities and resources for their next program. Overall, the workshop covers:

  • Games and Program Delivery – Purposeful planning and progressions
  • Feedback – Teaching points and how to use them for skill-development
  • Lesson Planning – putting it all together and practice leading

If you have questions about how to implement MOVE to Play at your recreation centre, please contact our MOVE Project Coordinator.