In this hands-on training module, recreation leaders will learn about physical literacy, fundamental movement skills (FMS), quality programming and delivery, and behavioural management. Leaders will also receive an FMS manual with 50+ games.

Length: 4 hours Cost: $350 to host

Recreation Leader Mentorship Program

After completing the MOVE to Play training module, leaders will work with PacificSport staff to deliver camps through a collaborative mentorship advancing through stages listed below (depending on the leader's experience):

  1. Support: Leaders support PacificSport staff while being guided through what is happening and why;
  2. Co-Lead: Leaders implement some activities under PacificSport staff guidance
  3. Lead: Leaders implement full lesson plans.

Please contact us if you are a municipality or organization that is interested in hosting/adopting the XploreSportZ model and/or MOVE to Play training.