Fundamental Movement Skills & Sport Introduction Program for Newcomers to Canada

Sport4Kids is currently running Saturday afternoons at the Walnut Grove Community Centre. Check back here for the next opportunity to register!*

Sport4Kids will introduce elementary and middle school-aged children (5-12 years old) in the FUNdamentals stage of development, specifically coming from families that are new to Canada, to coaches and the programs run by sports organizations local to Langley and surrounding regions. These sports sessions, run by certified coaches from Local and Provincial Sports Organizations (LSO’s and PSO’s), in combination with games and activities played in both unstructured and structured environments, will focus on the development of physical literacy through Fundamental Movement Skills and ABC’s of athleticism. Each unique session will be co-delivered by qualified recreation staff to help participants develop a wide range of movement skills in a fun, inclusive and developmentally appropriate environment that might not have been otherwise available.
By engaging the local sports community, we can increase awareness of opportunities that are available within recreational and competitive sports programs for all newcomer residents. By creating an inclusive and supportive environment, this is a unique opportunity for the participants and their families to increase their local sports knowledge, learn about available resources, and develop the skills and confidence to participate in mainstream sports programming all year round.
In considering the current lack of opportunities to try a variety of sports or recreational activities due to language, financial or transportation barriers for newcomers or immigrant families, the Sport4Kids program ensures that everyone has a chance to participate in sport while recognizing and celebrating their diversities. It also has the potential to create a collaborative network where LSO’s, PSO’s and the recreation sector can foster connections and regularly engage with more diverse demographics within their own programs.

*This program is currently suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation