Join us for our 2020 CAAWS Women & Leadership Workshop Series!

This is the second workshop in a three-night series.

About the Program: CAAWS’s Women and Leadership Program consists of a series of six professional development sessions that blend theory with practical applications, and provide an opportunity for women working or volunteering in the sport or physical activity sector to share experiences, reflect on ideas and apply specific techniques. These workshops are highly relevant for today’s young professionals and experienced leaders. The sessions also allow for networking opportunities among participants.

PacificSport Fraser Valley will host 3 of those 6 sessions over the next three months. 

Workshops are $20 each, OR you can attend all 3 for $50! AND you can earn NCCP Professional Development points!


Effective Networking - Monday, March 9

*International Women's Day Event*

• Keynote speaker

• Dinner provided

• Giveaways

Strong networking skills can be a valuable tool, both personally and professionally. From building organizational partnerships to knowing about upcoming events, building your network is a long-term investment with great payoffs.

• Explore the value of networking

• Discuss in-person and online networks

• Identify strategies to build and maintain your network