Our team works to find benefits that will help the Fraser Valley's athletes continue to compete at the highest level, in part by lessening their financial obligations and concerns.

Click on the options on the navigation menu to the right or below to see full lists of partners who have teamed up with PacificSport or the Canadian Sport Institute to make things easier on our athletes and coaches. Learn more below about each of our partner/benefit categories.


GymWorks benefits - Providing easy, local, and no-fee access to strength & conditioning facilities

GymWorks is a partnership program with local recreation centres, fitness facilities, and health clubs. This program enhances registered athletes' training environment by providing easy, local and complimentary access to strength and conditioning facilities.

Athletes registered with PacificSport or the Canadian Sport Institute are eligible to take advantage of the benefits of this partnership. It provides you with the ability to train while you are in your home environment without the long-term commitment of purchasing a membership with one training facility.

Athletes must present a valid athlete card to the front desk of the facility to gain access.


SportHealth benefits - Affordable treatment, right when you need it

SportHealth is a partnership program with local health/medical/paramedical practitioners who provide treatment, rehabilitative services, or monitoring to registered athletes at a discounted rate.

The primary goal of the SportHealth program is to help registered athletes identify, treat, and prevent injury through quality, specified treatment at reduced rates and with priority access. Our SportHealth partners share this goal and recognize the important role they have in an athlete's pursuit of podium performances.

When booking appointments with a SportHealth partner, please identify yourself as a PacificSport athlete or coach and bring your athlete/coach card with you to your visit. Be prepared to show your card at all visits.


MoreStuff benefits - Quality goods for lower prices

MoreStuff partnerships are between retail stores/distributors who help in advancing high performance athletes by providing discounted products ranging from training apparel and footwear to sporting equipment and other goods.


FoodStuff benefits - Helping athletes & coaches with the cost of food

FoodStuff is a community partnership with leaders in the food, restaurant, and grocery industries designed to help athletes and coaches with the cost of good. Athlete/coach cards must be presented prior to ordering or purchasing. Ensure that the store location is listed as a FoodStuff participant and follow these guidelines for accessing the FoodStuff benefit:

  • The amount of discount may vary from store to store. Please check beforehand.
  • Discounts apply to the athlete or coach only and will not be extended to guests.
  • Athlete/coach cards must be presented to the server

Nutrition Mandate

The Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and PacificSport promote a strategy of wholesome, nutrient-dense food options. It is recommended that athletes pursue a food-first philosophy when managing their nutritional needs, and they they take the necessary steps to ensure supplement safety if/when they do choose to use a supplement (which should be a decision made in consultation with a dietitian or physician). See the PacificSport/CSI Pacific supplement policy here (Note: This mandate was approved on August 15, 2018, and was grandfathered in. This means it is applicable to any partnership developed following that date.)

While our staff have met with managers and/or owners of FoodStuff partners to ensure the availability of wholesome, nutrient-dense menu items, menus do change frequently. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure the items ordered do not contain high-risk product, such as an added supplement, prior to ordering and consuming the item.


MoreStuff Partners