Join us in Powering Sport in the Fraser Valley. It takes a community to raise active kids, let alone world-class athletes. Become a part of the main community that is backing sport in the Fraser Valley by donating to our Powering Sport Fund. Charitable donations to this fund allow PacificSport Fraser Valley to continue to provide quality services and programs in community sport and high performance sport and, ultimately, raise the next generation of active children and elite athletes in our region.

Where do donations go?

  • Athlete and coach grants
  • Affordable strength and conditioning services for athletes
  • Athlete access to high performance training facilities
  • Coach education and training
  • Sport organization consulting
  • Capacity support for educators and coaches to increase opportunities for quality sport and physical activity among local youth
  • Quality grassroots physical activity programs

What are the benefits for donors?

  • Receive a charitable tax receipt
  • Become a part of local athletes' hometown stories, many of them on their journey to the Olympic or Paralympic Games
  • Gain recognition for being part of the effort to build healthy communities through quality sport and physical activity
  • Achieve brand alignment with high performance sport and grassroots community sport initiatives
  • Expand your reach to our large audience of athletes and coaches
  • Feel the podium rush and invest in BC and Canada's success on the world stage!

Donate now

Donations can be made online to the Powering Sport Fund, which is registered under the BC Amateur Sport Fund on Sport BC's website. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the BC Amateur Sport Fund webpage.
  2. When asked to 'Choose your sport or organization' select 'Multisport'.
  3. When asked to 'Choose the Multisport project would you like to support' select PacificSport Fraser Valley's Powering Sport Fund.
  4. Complete the rest of the form and submit.